The focus of this update was to speed- and clean-up the Code. The Queries of the Overview and the Statistics was reduced by up to 90% and they should be much faster now.

Many more or less minor bugs have been fixed.

custom Price Fields

They’re similare to custom Fields of 1.1.2 but have an impact on the Price of the Reservation
A custom Price Field can be a Drop-Down Select, a Radio Select or a Checkbox.
If the User selects one of the defined Options or checks the Checkbox the Price of the Reservation will raise by the defined Amount.

Unit of Time

The Price Filters for Rooms and Offers can now have Units of Time as Condition.
They can be a day, a calendarweek, a month, a quater or a year.
So its possible to change the Price of a Resource on each Monday or in the Month January.

The Filters have given Priorities (each Day get checked itself) of
“Normal Price Filter” -> “Day” -> “CalendarWeek” -> “Month” -> “Quarter” -> “Year”.
It’s possible to change this priorities by setting the priorities for a Resource by yourself.
So its be possible to change the Price for each Monday in the Months April and May for example. This is for advanced users and will only be explained in documentation later.
For the example above: [price 1 q1;q3;q4;jun 200][price 2 monday 350][price 3 apr;may 200]

add Rooms/Offers from Resource Page

Its possible to add Rooms and Offers easily from the Resources Page now.
They get posted as private and wont be visible except of the Forms and the Admin Panel.
If choosing a Picture from the Media Libary as featured Image it will get reuploadet and maybe wont be cutted right, so its better to set the image with the regular Post editor. This will get improved later.

Other changes

A detailed help for Form field and Filter adding was added.
Hidden fields can be date-from, date-to or persons too.
Improved add Reservation from Admin Panel.
Improved Resource Page.

Please send me all bugs with a screenshot if possible to