Update: The Overview mouseOver Bug is fixed. Exept 1.1.1 Sunday. Please Report more Bugs!

I’m proud to say that version 1.1 of the plugin is out. It has a few new functions like Filters, customizable Reservation Forms and Emails and Statistics.
I know the Filters and Form System isnt easy to understand, but in my opinion this is the best way to give you all possible options.
The main part of the Update are optimizations, in technically and userfriendly ways. I thinks like 40% of the code has changed, but just a part will be directly comprehensible.
The translation System was totally recoded, so if youve translated anythink you will need to make it again/update it from .pot.
Right after Uploading i noticed that the mouseOver in the Overview wont load now (?), so there will be a 1.1.1 as fast as possible. I think that will be on sunday.

The New Filter and Form System has so many possibility combinations, that i cant test all for bugs. So expect small issues there, report everythink and it will be perfect in 1.1.1 i hope.

The Documentation will get updatet in the next Days, give me a bit time with it.

I would like to hear what you think about the update! Does it go in the right way? Form/Filters to complicated?

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