easyRerervations Version 1.3 is available through the WordPress Repository right now.
The most important new feature is that the Overview works without page reloads now.
Focus of this and the next update is to optimize the speed, compatibility and get rid of old code. I think in average the plugin needs 30%-50% less loading time now.

Please report bugs and share your thoughts!

easyReservations 1.3

  • Overview improvements
    • Works fully without page refresh now!
    • Hovers a reservation if you mouseOver the table
    • On manual selections at add or edit the overview will change overviews date and “selection” with you inputs
    • Effects if you insert or select a unavail room (or inexistent room number)
    • The effects can be toggled off
  • New AJAX driven dashboard Widget
  • Reservations administration page!
    • New widget shows who arrival’s and departure’s today
    • Each feature can be toggled off (Overview, Table and the Widgets)
    • The table show 7 new informations (Color, ID, Country, Children’s, Paid, Custom Fields, Custom Prices)
    • Table is customizable
  • Split and documented functions into both/admin/frontend for better loading times
  • Improvements!
    • Added datepicker to filter add
    • Rewrote availability check completely
    • Reservations from guests get checked and handled in a central function
    • Many speed optimizations
    • Deleted the settings popup from overview and migrated it to the screen options
    • Improved price calculation
    • New security functions
    • Updated .pot and german language
    • Moved Help to settings
  • Overall halved the mySQL querie durations
  • Bugs fixed!
    • Children can be zero on edit
    • Groundprice from room gets calculated if an offer has no price defined for a room (happens on new rooms)
    • Fixed bug in user-edit that you could edit old reservations but couldnt edit futere ones
    • Add none offer as hidden field at forms
    • Many minor ones