This week on saturday instead of sunday the next update is on the WordPress Plugin Directory now! Beside of the new Filters and the new way of Loading Scripts and Styles which I discribed earlier there are a few other nice things.

Finally there’s a flexible permission system, the emails are de-/activable and get stored in a better way, price fields can count per person in forms, the form editor uses Quicktags and the Overviews effects got much debugging.

I really like this update and think it leads in the right direction.

As always report bugs and share your thoughts!

easyReservations 1.5 – 17.03.2012

  • Scripts and Styles get loaded for sure and only if needed without any checks now
  • Filters
    • Works per AND instead of OR
    • Much more logical and directly to set up
    • Get saved as array instead of shortcodes that have to be transformed to arrays on each calculation
    • Get sorted on add/edit instead of in each calculation
    • Unavailibility filters have finally the same flexibility as price filters
    • Discounts can be per reservation, per day or percentage
    • Discount can have different prices per room if offer
    • Unit based filter chcecking from 300 to 30 lines of code with getting rid of one fully loop
  • Custom price fields can be per person now!
  • eMails
    • Every emails is de-/activable
    • Get saved as array -> from 14 to 7 options in db
  • Permissions
    • Finally a real permission system
    • Works by WordPress Roles, but also custom roles from other plugins/you
    • Set up different permissions per admin page (Dashboard, Resources, Statistics, Settings)
    • Each resource can have its own permission
    • This affects the overview, table and admin actions (add/edit/reject/approve/sendmail/trash/delete) on dashboard and the resourceses page
    • System wont examine permissons if user is admin
  • Set or change reservation time on add/edit directly
  • Forms
    • using Quicktext for form editing
    • with a bunch of own html buttons
    • adding tags at cursor position
    • fixed stylings/spelling in editation
  • All AJAX codes rewritten in jQuery with self error preventing
  • Improvements
    • Calendar shows offers availability too
    • Overview datepicker set selected date as start date
    • Got rid of nearly 100 unnessesary strings for making translations easyier
    • Improved strings for better localisation
    • Updated german language
  • Bugs fixed
    • Groundprice field shows on new resources (sorry for that)
    • Fixed three bugs at the overview effects
    • Overview date-navigation if a reservation is active
    • Export as xls
    • Export reservations from table (due to ajax table)
    • Useredit changelog and db errors
    • None offer hidden field
    • Email patterns saving properly (stripslashes)
    • Numerous minor bugs