Like said the update 1.8 is on now.
Nothing big got changed since my last post, just a few bug fixes and improvements.
Im working on the new website currently, it has a few cool features.

We’ve now three new languages: French, Turkish and Russian.
The first two are almost finished (for 1.7) and russion is really far too.
Many thanks to RΓ©my Perona (french), Demokrasi (Turkish) and Murat Akhmetov (russian)!
They’ll get a gift at modules release for sure.

As alway report bugs and say what you think πŸ™‚

easyReservations 1.8 – 15.04.2012

  • Three new languages: France, Russian and Turkish!
  • Forms
    • New validation:
      • Errors are displayed below the incorrect field/select
      • Error checking at sending
      • Box above form as overview of errors
      • Included min/max nights/persons in live validation
      • Name, eMail and Custom fields gets checked for emptyness before sending
      • Better name validation
      • Focus field on click on the error
      • Select title and message of error box
    • Custom fields get refilled like other fields
    • Show price width & no other content
    • Show price new option before amount text [show_price before=””]
  • Name function for room numbers
  • Export
    • .csv and .xls use the same function
    • No errors with .csv files
    • Custom fields
    • Reserved
    • Roomnumber
  • Improvements
    • Custom prices can be per persons and night now (price*persons*nights)
    • Improved Module Installation alot
    • Set text after succesfull edit in userCP
    • Custom prices in email
    • Trash reservation from edit
    • Rewrote email generation script
    • New infomations in emails: paid, reserved ago, custom prices
    • Update notifier
    • File loading
    • Day and Month names everywhere translatable with just one string each
    • Calendar show posted room instead of default room after widget or other redirect
    • Filter table improved and name included
    • Overview selection stays at change overviews date/days
    • Security improvements
  • Bugs fixed
    • Editlink
    • Many email releated bugs
    • Calendar selection
    • Offer discounts
    • The first unavailable day from filters can be depature day now
    • Date unavailability
    • Display price zero
    • Custom prices at view reservation