A very big jump this time from 2.1.3 to 3.0, but it was the right time for it. After one year of more or less aimless additions a point of completeness was reached. A good point to look over the whole code and think of a more automatically and save system. And that happened now.

All reservations related functions got merged into a class that takes care of most jobs automatically. Even the most other functions got improved and cleaned.

As we reached this point another nice feature for new user could finally be realized: A Tutorial mode. Over 100 Pop-Up Messages explain the plugin into the detail and should help a lot.

Further there were a few improvements to the interface in table and the reservations information’s box. They should improve the work flow.

Then I’ve made my first steps into communicating with the plugin from other sources with the easyReservations Chrome Extension. Was really fun to make it. If there’s much response to it I would improve it, but for now it’s finished. Will submit it to Google’s Web Store in the next days.

And the last time I’ve used to round up premium. As I’ve said earlier I’ve made the Statistics completely new and really cool. The dashboard widget got optimized and the Guest Editing fixed and expanded. But what I like the most are the new admin, form and calendar styles. Not only that their#re looking really great, but with them premium feels really different and not only on-the-top.

This was really the big clean-up in all possible directions. Now that we’ve this good ground my next real project will be an API for even bigger purposes. So mainly bug-fixing in the next time.

Please commit me your opinion about the update 🙂
Regards Feryaz