EDIT: I’m back. Sadly had to stop our trip for familial reasons, but I’m back to work and support again.
As the title suggest I’ll be in Italy for the next week till the 30.08 and making holidays with my girlfrind.
That’s the first time since I began this project that I leave my little baby alone. A weird feeling.
I thought about giving a discount on premium this week, because they wont have support in these days, but I couldn’t find a proper price and it be a bit unfair for those who’ve purchased this week and need me too.
In the second half of the stay I’ll have internet for sure, maybe even in the first one.
But to be honest I think that I (and my girlfrind even more) deserve this week. I’ve really worked at least 70h/week the fully last year.

You maybe wonder what I’ve done in the last month, because the’re were less changes in the plugin and no new modules.
First I made an API for easyReservations that we can communicate with the plugin from outside. With it we can get/add/edit/delete reservations and resources and get statistics from everywhere.
It has plenty features: RESTful, JSON, XML, JSONP, AJAX Cross-Domain ready, Login with WP account.
Reservations and Resources are fully finished and a few statistics can be requested.
The other side of the API, the request to it, is included as a PHP class with a few examples if you want.
For the resources part I’ve also made a new resources class that works, but isn’t build in the plugin itself now and just get used in the API.
No time and a bit afraid of it, now that the plugin runs that smooth.

That was alot to learn and to do and it’s still not 100% finished. If you want to have a look on it to build it in any service please contact me and you’ll even have a bit influence on the API as its possible till it’s out.

Then I began with an smartphone app that will communicate with the API. I started using Rhodes from Motorola to get a good native feeling with Ruby, Javascript and HTML. That application was nearly finished, but I noticed a lack of stability and it had to much bad parts that I couldn’t resolve without a lot of work. It felt just crappy.

So I began completely new two days ago and that was the right decision. Now I use phonegap with just a really small Javascript Framework (app-UI) that just can three things, but these completly right. In comparison with jQuery Mobile it does really nothing and I have to write all other functions myself. But in these way I know what’s happening and can control it completely. The big frameworks just have to many bad parts.
I can even write parts in the native program language (java for android, objectiv c for iOS). Can’t have more control.
This application will need a long time. It’s the first that I write even the frame of a system, but that makes really fun.
I don’t thing I can show something before October and the update frequency and size will stay this small till it’s finished.

Sorry for no support, but what could I do?
Wish you all a good week!
Regards feryaz