The Plugin is getting bigger and bigger with each update. Theres so much to test, so many possible combinations of Filters/Forms and so on, that I cant test all of this myself. The half of my working time is just finding bugs, so i could do alot more if i get more help. Right now just one nice guy, many thankts to him, is helping me with this and that isnt enough.


You just have to know WordPress and maybe can acces to a mySQL Database for finding the source of a bug.

What I offer you

Because this Plugin is for free i cant pay you something for your work. But youll have a direct influence on the progress of this Plugin, so its more like you want it to be. The suggestions youll make are more important for me as send in ones.
In addition to this, if parts of this Plugin will cost something (like i plan for a billing & payment feature in far future), all active testers get them for free.

If youre interessted in helping me as BETA Tester just write a short mail to