New blog and easyReservations 3.3 pre-release

I think it’s time for a blog again. I’ve closed the original one a long time ago as there wasn’t enough response. Ever since then I’m missing a place for announcing and explaining things. I don’t know how actively I’ll use it now, but want to give it another try. You’ve might thought that there haven’t been any progress since the last update in february, but in fact it never stopped. I’m still working daily to improve the plugin and to give support. There were over 40 beta versions of 3.3. The reason why it’s not out it is that […]

Version 3.1 beta

Here’s the beta of the update 3.1 that’ll coming out next week. The main new features are multiple reservations through the form, possible arrival and departure days (Mon-Sun) can be set per resource, there’s a new filter to set the requirements per time and premium members can install and update modules through the settings directly. Beside of this there were a lot small improvements and bug fixes. Please report any bugs here in the comments. Take the deepest look into the new system for multiple reservations in the form. You can activate it in the form’s shortcode with the attribute […]

Bella italia

EDIT: I’m back. Sadly had to stop our trip for familial reasons, but I’m back to work and support again. As the title suggest I’ll be in Italy for the next week till the 30.08 and making holidays with my girlfrind. That’s the first time since I began this project that I leave my little baby alone. A weird feeling. I thought about giving a discount on premium this week, because they wont have support in these days, but I couldn’t find a proper price and it be a bit unfair for those who’ve purchased this week and need me […]

3.0 The Clean-up

A very big jump this time from 2.1.3 to 3.0, but it was the right time for it. After one year of more or less aimless additions a point of completeness was reached. A good point to look over the whole code and think of a more automatically and save system. And that happened now. All reservations related functions got merged into a class that takes care of most jobs automatically. Even the most other functions got improved and cleaned. As we reached this point another nice feature for new user could finally be realized: A Tutorial mode. Over 100 […]

easyReservations in Premium System

easyReservations has a Premium System now. Faster as I thought, but I recognized that there was no point in waiting. Thanks for the two users that helped after my last post, they really gave me some time. Of course there are coming some bad news with this, as I’ve described in my last post. Support only for Premium Users From now on support will be only /without any exceptional) given to Premium Users. Free user can only report bugs. I’ve disabled the old forum for free users at all and opened a bug report forum. Cutted functions for free Version […]

Invoice Module and bad news!

The new Invoice Module got released in it’s first version for Life-Time Members. I really love it. The htmlMails Module is finished now and has a visual editor, a template system and three systems. It’s available for Life-Time Members only too. Quite nice too. Now to the bad news: The last weeks were pretty bad for me. After the real good running first month my income decreased by over 70%. I’ve expected a bit, but not that much. Over 60% of my total income comes from the Life-Time Memberships. And 80% of them were made as the PayPal Module was […]

Sneak peak

An image of my new baby. Really put all my knowledge and heart into it. Best what I’ve ever written. I just love it. Of course the values are just placeholders and it’s not completly polished, but it’s working already with all functions. To make this was my big goal since I began this project. And it’s even better as I ever imagined.

New Modules and Bug-Fixes

There weren’t much new functions to the plugin itself in the last time, but I really enjoy it. Throught I’m only fixing bugs and working on modules the plugin got really free of bugs and more stable by the seven updates. As long as I’ve other things to do it will stay like this. It’s even good because I’m not producing new bugs and can ensure a level of quality for the paying users. In the past weeks four new Modules came to a useable state and one of it got already released for purchasing. In addition there were many […]

2.0.2, PayPal Module, Two new Modules in beta …

2.0.2 is out and fixes the next couple of bugs. After the first purchases I can verify that the PayPal script is working. It’s available now for 15€. I’ve enchanted it a bit in security and the few things I’ve learned from this website in the past week. A documentation for the settings will follow tomorrow. Next are two new Modules that got released as beta over the weekend. Nothing very special, but low-price. The first is the Multilingual Module, to make content in forms and emails translatable, and the second is a new style for the datepickers with different […]

New Website, 2.0 and Modules

The first major update 2.0 is opening the Plugin for almost every kind of reservations. This was a very big step in background. Offers got cut out completly. They were to complicated at setup and hadn’t much use left. There’s alot more, read it in the changelog. Then the new website is finished with a support forum and a new documentation. I worked for more then a week on it, but there’s much to do left. I want to update and expand the documentation more regular from now. Maybe some have a few ideas on what is important. And the […]