1.8 is out now!

Like said the update 1.8 is on WordPress.org now. Nothing big got changed since my last post, just a few bug fixes and improvements. Im working on the new website currently, it has a few cool features. We’ve now three new languages: French, Turkish and Russian. The first two are almost finished (for 1.7) and russion is really far too. Many thanks to Rémy Perona (french), Demokrasi (Turkish) and Murat Akhmetov (russian)! They’ll get a gift at modules release for sure. As alway report bugs and say what you think 🙂 feryaz easyReservations 1.8 – 15.04.2012 Three new languages: France, […]

Looking forward

Just an update on what comes next and what I’m doing. The most are background changes and there won’t be a real new feature. Think it’s not the time for that. The most important change is a new form validation. It shows the errors under the fields, if you click on send its checking for empty fields (required custom fields too!) and errors, shows a box with the errors (clickable to focus the field) and won’t submit the form till the errors are corrected. Beside of a wrong captchas it checks everything like after submit and makes it much more […]

New Update 1.7

I planned to release on sunday but didnt came to work for the whole weekend. And then i decided to change my programming and other tools and programms before cleaning the Update and it last for two days to set everything up perfectly. But now its done and I really like the result. Its not a big one but I got the last few problems and extended some core functions. I learned how to replace only the files that changed. If you’re editing something it wont be away for sure anymore. Finally you can select out of five date formats, […]

Future & 5000 Downloads

Juhu! We have 5000 Downloads 🙂 Thanks to everyone who helped with comments, suggestions and bug reports. The future In the last updates almost every function got renewed. I think the most things are really great now and beside of bugs its in a good state. I’m a bit out of ideas and testing for bugs all the day gets a bit frustrating. I will skip programming till I get new ideas or suggestions and bug reports from you. The next thing are the non-free Modules. The PayPal Module is still finished and beside of this I’ve finished a little […]

Interactive Calendar

Just a short look on the next update 🙂 It looks/feels even better live. Its more simple, like the availability in the calendar, cause this frontend feature hast to load fast. I’m a bit out of ideas how to improve and stabilize current features in best way and most extensive, so its the right time to tell me every piece of thought you had while setting up and using the Plugin. I thing every smart and possible idea will be implemented fast.

No time-reservations

I get the request of time based reservations and have to refuse it at least once per week. I think its in the need of a public answer to this, even cause I don’t want to write it again and again. The reason because I wont add it is very simple: Loading times. The check for availability and the price calculation have to go through every day of reservation and check for different things. When you use filters this gets a lot more. If I would add time based reservations with an interval from 15 minutes, which would be the […]

1.5 is out!

This week on saturday instead of sunday the next update is on the WordPress Plugin Directory now! Beside of the new Filters and the new way of Loading Scripts and Styles which I discribed earlier there are a few other nice things. Finally there’s a flexible permission system, the emails are de-/activable and get stored in a better way, price fields can count per person in forms, the form editor uses Quicktags and the Overviews effects got much debugging. I really like this update and think it leads in the right direction. As always report bugs and share your thoughts! […]

Finally best AJAX calls!

AJAX is called the technology that makes calls to your server after the page is loaded. In easyReservation its used in these funcions: The calendar, the price calculation, the validaton, the overiew and the table. Of course this a very cool feature, but its also difficult to implement it in the right way. In the current version the system i used has three big disadventages in frontend: 1. Its necessarray that the wp-header file is 4 directorys over the plugin 2. The AJAX (JS) files get loaded if in the post or page is the shortcode, its a category or […]

From OR to AND

I’m very happy and proud to announce that the filter system gonna change completly with 1.5! The current filter system is very indirectly and to change prices is very complicated. This is because it was an OR system. So you could add monday and 2011 to it and it meant “if day to calculate is monday OR in 2011″. This implicates that for each day to calculate each filter got checked for each condition. Its hard to set up complex things like the mondays in february 2014. This will gonna be replaced by seamless AND filters. This means you say […]