Im happy to announce that with the Paypal Buy now Button the first directly payment method will come soon. But not for free. I’ve chosen Paypal because its the best known, its secure and I got asked most often for it. If something goes wrong both get their money back. They have a sandbox where I can test everything without real money and their system is great documented.

It wont be for free for different reasons. Firstly because I spend about one thousand hours with coding easyReservations. Of course a big part of this was learning and replacing old things after learning it better. But its much. If I want to continue this project for long it can’t be for nothing. Even because the users making money with it. I started to look at all the different payment systems that similar codes have. I found things like monthly or per guest payments and premium models. Monthly and per guest are to much for my plugin and I think they’re a bit rip-off. Then I thought about a premium system. And its shit. You begin to cut the code into different parts and the free version is just to attract the pay ones till everyone needs to buy it for another reason. But I don’t want to punish or manipulate my clients. That’s just not my think of business or society.

The model I want to use comes from the gaming industry and is called DLC (Downloadable content). I don’t like it their either, but I thinks its perfectly for easyReservations. It means that I offer buyable packages that fits in the plugin. Like plugins for plugins 😉 I have to find a good name for it/them (have one?Comment!), the project-name is “Paypal buy now DLC”. It will cost about 16$/12€. This isn’t really the price of the code itself, its more the price for my time.

I thing this is the most fair system for everyone! The plugin remains with all its features, gets support and the most attention for free. But if you want to make money directly through it you’ll have to support the development a bit. And to be honest 16$ can’t be a problem for someone who wants to rent things.

The legal things were a problem, I never did something like this before, but my fathers company will be responsible for the distribution and the legal things.

Now to the programming part of it. I’ve implemented the seamless inclusion of the DLCs. The button generator is done. The settings are done. The validation if someone has paid works with IPN and is done. It uses cURL if installed on server or fsockopen if not. SSL can be deactivated if not available (this is shown). Together with wordpress nonce’s this is the most securest and best way for paypal I could find. Many other scripts I’ve found supports either cURL or fsockopen so I think the 20h of work for this was worth it. I have to implement it to User-edit, its just after a valid form now. But that’s only a copy&paste job.

The last thing to do is to test it as best I can. And for this I need help.
You can help me if you’re familiar with my plugin, smart, know that screenshots can tell more than words sometimes and have good computer skills in general.
The helper gets the Paypal DLC for free, but he’ll need to try it out on different servers (if possible) and with different settings. Over and over again. Till we can be sure that its working 100%

I hope that nobody feels bad that I want to take money for it (if so please say me), but I think I found a good and fair way for this.