This update continues the plan of 5.0 to modernize and streamline the plugin. To archive that goal the plugin is now heavily oriented on WooCommerce. That did not only improve the security, structure and maintainablity of the code, but as WooCommerce is so widespread the plugin is now also a lot more intuitive to use.

This is an alpha version and will have bugs and problems. Features are missing, not finished and some have been cut completely. There’s no documentation. The alpha will take a few months until all features are complete. Then there will be a shorter beta phase to fix all remaining bugs. That time will be used to work on the documentation and website.

The update requires many irreversible database changes, so backup your database before updating. Some data will be lost in the process as the functionallity behind it changed fundamentally.

Missing features

  • Resource overhaul (6.1)
  • Export (6.2)
  • Statistics (6.3)

Removed features that will not come back (soon)

  • Calendar shortcode
  • Hourly calendar shortcode
  • Saving of credit cards in the database
  • Resource slider (replaced by similar function)
  • Form receipt
  • Important guests

Data lost on update

  • Reservations price calculation
  • Resources taxes settings
  • Payment settings
  • Coupons
  • Chat history

Premium for easyReservations 6.0 alpha 23

  • Search
  • Invoices
  • Payment (Paypal, Stripe, Alipay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDeal, Multibanco, P24, SEPA, SOFORT)
  • Automatic approval
  • Deposits
  • Coupons
  • Synchronization
  • My Account
  • WooCommerce connect
  • HTML emails
  • Multilingual
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If you want to downgrade again download and install the old free and premium versions and import the database backup again.

My resources are not visible to guests

Go into the post view of the resource. There you can set the order, who can see it and add additional gallery images.

My calendar is gone

It is replaced by the [date] calendar in forms. Please give us input on how to improve it.