easyReservations has a Premium System now. Faster as I thought, but I recognized that there was no point in waiting. Thanks for the two users that helped after my last post, they really gave me some time. Of course there are coming some bad news with this, as I’ve described in my last post.

Support only for Premium Users

From now on support will be only /without any exceptional) given to Premium Users. Free user can only report bugs. I’ve disabled the old forum for free users at all and opened a bug report forum.

Cutted functions for free Version

Four functions got cutted out of the free Version and are only available for premium users from now: User-edit, the statistics page, the dashboard widget and the export function.
I never was happy with the first three functions and want to optimize them alot. But I wouldn’t have done it for the free version. The export function is clearly for accounting, so it’s reasonable to make it Premium. None of this function is very important and stop’s the system from working for anyone. They dont force to pay. That was important and I think It’s a good conclusion. If you want to know why I had to do this, please read this post.

What comes next?

After all these bad news I’m able to say you that there’s light. A lot. I can’t say it now, but there’ll be a very big and good announcement in the next days. Stay tuned.

I’ve already bought something!

Nothing changes. Still the same conditions. Life-Time Members have the same rights as Premium Users, but without a time limit. If you’ve purchased a Module you are still able to download them and access the modules forum. Don’t worry.