AJAX is called the technology that makes calls to your server after the page is loaded.
In easyReservation its used in these funcions: The calendar, the price calculation, the validaton, the overiew and the table.

Of course this a very cool feature, but its also difficult to implement it in the right way.
In the current version the system i used has three big disadventages in frontend:
1. Its necessarray that the wp-header file is 4 directorys over the plugin
2. The AJAX (JS) files get loaded if in the post or page is the shortcode, its a category or homepage. These gets checked on every pageload.
3. Its unsecure.

For many of you the first of second (if the check doesnt success) problem resulted in errors.

I spend so many hours with finding a better way. The topic on how to load syles and scripts correctly in wordpress is a pain. But i did, and its perfect.
All files, styles and scripts, get registred (this costs no time) on every page on the right place in loading,
but they just get implemented in the shortcodes code itself and thats guaranteed and only once. This was hard, i needed to merge the two most difficulty WordPress tutorials and add a nice self-invented trick. But now it works like a charm and should work on every server and on every page or place where the shortcode is loaded. The calling functions got rewritten to bypass errors by themself and use jQuery insted of Javascript.

On my search for this i read many others plugins who grants shortcods that have AJAX calls. But none of them had a system like this, they just execute the script on EVERY page.

This is much behind the scenes, but i wanted to give you a short look on what im doing in these days and that the plugin moves from ‘it works’ to ‘with the best method’. Its a long road till there, but with the next update were a big step closer.