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Not Resolved Price for a room

started by chaletdesanges

4 chaletdesanges
Not Support Automatic price calculation problem

started by pablo

2 easyadmin
Not Support deactivate ereservation

started by Vincent Italy

5 Vincent Italy
Not Resolved Captcha error for correct entry

started by lvh22

2 easyadmin
Not Resolved reservation can't complete.stays in loading after submit.

started by hoteleos

2 easyadmin
Not Resolved separate boat stations

started by stas

2 easyadmin
Not Support Use reservation form as info demand?

started by lvh22

5 lvh22
Resolved Hidden does not transmit the value

started by lvh22

5 lvh22
Not Support Captcha Issues

started by sledgehacker

2 easyadmin
Not Resolved booking shows price .

started by liibooz

3 easyadmin
Not Support No Overlay after submit button

started by decombh

6 easyadmin
Not Resolved System is allowing people to book already full rooms

started by jjkchef

6 easyadmin
Not Support Bulgarian currency?

started by Internetreklamabg

2 easyadmin
Not Resolved PayPal deposit not updated in dashboard

started by arthurvandenelzen

3 arthurvandenelzen
Not Support invoice problem

started by grandfield

2 easyadmin

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