Reply To: 404 page not found

Thanks for your thumbs up. I’m currently trying to strip down the theme, so that I can pinpoint what the problem could be. I’ve tried your plugin with another one of our themes and it works perfectly. Since we tend to reuse our code as much as we can, it’s very strange that in one it works and in another one it doesn’t. I’m currently investigating the possibility of duplicate ID’s as a result of the theme/plugin combo and if/how they are affecting your javascript.

Our theme, philoxenia, (public demo ) includes a very simple booking form (no JS apart from a jquery datepicker). When i set the action to url of the [easy_form] page, the easyRes page loads just fine.

I’ll investigate some more and let you know.

On a less relevant scale, i’ve noticed in your plugin /lib/functions/both.php line 736, the closing “option” tag has an extra “s”, thus reading “” which breaks validation.