Reply To: Add condition to form – adult meal price & child meal price

I have upgraded to the very latest beta and am still having the same issue with Children’s meals. It works with a 1 day booking but doesn’t calculate on multiple day bookings. Below is a link to the page where I am having the issue.

Below is the Form code I’m using.

[error]Reserve Your Dorm Room Spot Now![show_price style=”float:right;”]General informationArrival DateWhen will you come?[date-from style=”width:75px”]Departure DateWhen will you go?[date-to style=”width:75px”]AdultsHow many guests?[adults 1 10]ChildrenWith children?[childs 0 10]MealsMealsFull meal package?[price check adultmeals “content:40″ style=”margin:0 2px 0 10px” title=”Adult Meals” pan]Select for adult meals[price check childmeal “content:25″ style=”margin:0 2px 0 10px” title=”Child Meals” pcn]Select for Child MealsPersonal informationNameWhat is your name?[thename]EmailWhat is your email?[email]PhoneYour phone number?[custom text Phone *]StreetYour street?[custom text Street *]Postal codeYour postal code?[custom text PostCode *]CityYour city?[custom text City *]CountryYour country?[country value=”US” maxlength=”50″]MessageAny comments?[custom textarea Message]Terms & ConditionsYou must agree[custom check Terms Agree title=”Terms & Conditions” *]Terms & Conditions can be viewed by clicking here.CaptchaType in code[captcha][hidden resource 328][submit Send]