Reply To: Add custom fields to resources edit page

Thanks for the reply.

What I am trying to achieve is create an easy way to implement an extra custom field for the resource that will be easily integrated into the search form, so that visitors can search for, in this example, property type, along with other criteria already on the search form. I can`t add a custom field to the post view, because it`s not convenient to edit resource on the resource page, and then edit it also on the post view page, this information should be together, don`t you agree?

Here`s what I`ve done so far: Screenshot.png – notice the “Property type” select box and the new “Basic” section.

So, from here, I can`t figure out how to save this field into the post meta table for the resource in question. Basically, I`m not able to code it so that in easyReservations_admin_resources.php it gets saved like the other custom fields that come as standard with your plugin, like “Base price”, etc..