Reply To: Adding a new custom gateway

That’s actually a good idea. Use curl to get the url and then populate the form with that url…
I think it first verifies the validity of the request. The reason why there’s an extra stop is because it starts a different process depending on your bank. So you would first need to select the bank do the steps with the identifier device and your bank card etc and THEN it would call our IPN script.

Anyway, this is taking way too much time. Theres a Sisow IDEAL plugin for woocommerce. I’m going to try your synchronize route and see how that works! I will revisit this when I have some more time as I think there’s a HUGE benefit to your Dutch market (where IDEAL almost has a monopoly on e-commerce payment).

Thank you for your time (and please don’t close this thread, I will be back 🙂 ).