Reply To: Adding a new custom gateway

When you get the XML response I don’t think it has reached the IPN script yet.

The way their system works, is once the user hits the pay button, the user gets redirected to a bank selection screen. The url of this bankselection screen is the issuerurl part of the xml that sisow (the paymentprovider) returns. On this screen the user selects their bank and completes the steps specific to this bank to make the payment.

After this is done you will be redirected to your website. I sense this would be to the IPN script?

@3 yes theres more. The payment provider requires user input.

@4 the user is being redirected to this url, where the payment has to be authenticated (most Dutch banks use a small electronic bank card reader). Sisow handles all of that and just returns a status code (success, fail, etc)

Im not sure how other payment options work but I suspect this form won’t do, as the response needs to be parsed further. Ajax?

So in a nutshell:
Mysite requests ideal payment (by clicking form button) -> receives unique url -> user completes action @ url -> returns to mysite with status code -> ipn script acts based on this status code.

Some examples on github:

Again thanks for your time and great support!