Reply To: Adding Location to SeachBar

You’re searching for the search module, while this topic is about an add-on for it.

Everything is said, I close this now.
A short comprehension:
There’s an add-on for the search form with that you can add attributes to your resources and use checkboxes and selects in the search bar to filter the search with these attributes. I’ve looked into it, improved a few things, but it’s generally working. After adding a attribute in the main settings, you can define it’s value in the resources settings. Then you need to add the form element to the search bar with the tag [attr name] where name is the name defined at adding the attribute.
The add-on will only be included in betas.
However, this was developed for a customer and is not part of easyreservations.
I’m neither working further on it nor I’m giving support for it. Every related thread will be closed with a link to this post.