Reply To: Advanced nested conditions with partens & children and basic price

Thx for the hint. I tried the filter but following problem occurs: Given 3 guests would stay for one night, the formula calculates the following way: Ground Price 32 EUR + 3 x 6 EUR = 50 EUR (32+3×6=50). What it should do is this: Ground Price 32 EUR + 1 x 6 EUR (32+1×6). Why? This is because the Ground Price already includes 2 persons. So, i need a formula code that considers this point.

Futhermore, i need to distinguish between adults and children. If there are – for example – 2 adults and 2 children staying on night the result should be: 32 + 2×3 = 38 EUR since additional children only have to pay 3 EUR per night.

I already tried to add functions with hidden fields. But only the condition for “persons” -pers worked. I wasn’t able to use the children or adults tag and i do not know why.

Please provide me with me code i can put into the formular. Right now it is:

Wie viele Personen?
[adults 1 10]

Wie viele Kinder?
[childs 0 10]

Bringen Sie ein Haustier mit?
[price checkbox Title “content:5” pn] Ja