Reply To: Advanced nested conditions with partens & children and basic price

If a select field is hidden, it is not functional. Furthermore, the tags “-children” and also the tag “-adults” do not have any effect. Only the tag “-pers” does calculate a value in the frontend.

The following works OK:
[price select Kinder “Zus√§tzliche Kinder 3 EUR pro Tag:1>0;2>0;3>3;4>6;5>9;6>12;7>15-pers”]

But this one doesn’t work:
[price select Erwachsene “Zus√§tzliche Erwachsene 6 EUR pro Tag:1>0;2>0;3>6;4>12;5>18;6>24;7>30-adults”]

Right now, the following formula is in place:
Wie viele Personen?
[adults 1 10]


Wie viele Kinder?
[childs 0 10]


Bringen Sie ein Haustier mit?
[price checkbox Title “content:5” pn] Ja

Futhermore, hidden select fields also do not work. In this case it doesn’t matter if the tag “pers” or “adults” or “children” is attached. Example:

Would you please be so kind as to logon to the wordpress installation on
and do the corresponding changes for it to work? I will provide you with the login data via eMail.