Reply To: Advanced nested conditions with partens & children and basic price

I think it’s like you want now.
Here’s an example of what I did:

Select Code
[price select Erwachsene "Zusätzliche Erwachsene 6 EUR pro Tag:1>0;2>0;3>6;4>12;5>18;6>24;7>30-adult" style="visibility:hidden;height:1px;margin:0px;padding:0px" pn]

The style part is to hide it completely while still ensure it’s working. The pn at the night will multiple the amount by the amount of days. There’s also pp for per person, pb for person and units, pa for adults and pc for children’s.

I didn’t leaved any discussion. He wrote an hour before you and I just were on a family gathering. And this isn’t even a discussion. He asked for help and I tried to do so.
Now it’s 23:00, I’m really tired and my girlfriend asked me ten times if I will finally come to bed. But I still sit here to help. If that isn’t enough I’m out.
If you want my help open your own topic, describe your requirements more detailed and more polite. But not in this way. Sorry, but at any point I have to say stop too.