Reply To: Advanced nested conditions with partens & children and basic price

Good morning & thank You for the quick help. That’s excellent support really! The code You provided works fine now. I made mistakes in the code and had put “adults” instead of “adult” – also “childs” instead of “child” at the end of the brackets. Maybe You should also add this documentation in a future release right beside the formula table in the backend. There, only childs and adults do appear.

There’s only one thing left now:
If a person stays shorter than 3 days, i want him to pay an extra fee per night. I’d like to charge 7 EUR a night per person for stays that are in between 1 to 3 days. I wasn’t able to do this with a filter. The only filter i found is the – for example – “staying 3 days or longer” condition. How can this be done? Can i put it in the formula as well?