Reply To: Advanced Search Form Function – Show All Resources w/ Info at once

I solved the problem(s) below, it works perfectly fine now!

However, few more questions:

1) Is it possible to extend the resource text instead of linking to a new page? So when the customer clicks on “Read More” he won’t be forwarded to another page.

2) I would like to adapt our old form ( to this new search form, so when customers click on “Reserve Now” the values will be transported to the form.
What changes in the code do I need to do?

Sry, but this page doesn’t help me at all. Is there anywhere an example code or template?
it simply shows me this:

I would like to have info + an image of the available hotel included, the price and a “Reserve Now” or “Book Now” button, which I can link to a form.

test page:

I could really need some help – the person who implemented all the forms doesn’t work here and I haven’t yet figured out how the search form bar works.

Also, I can’t access the site.

EDIT: where can I find this menu click

EDIT 2: found an older post with a similar problem, created a page with this form click – this changes unfortunately nothing, I still get the same search result.