Reply To: Approved a Reservation – how do I ask for payment?

There actually isn’t a PayPal option at all on the edit page.

I’d include a screen cap, here but the HTML doesn’t allow it, so here’s a link instead: screen capture

I’m not sure what the solution is, but the idea of the customer clicking a link in the approval email reminding them to pay online or asking them to pay online would be a great feature if it pre-poplulated the correct amount.

What we have right now, as an example, is a reservation that was received from an individual in Malaysia. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty big distance from where the actual location being reserved is; so we’re basically looking to see if we can get the customer to pay in advance so we can confirm that this isn’t an error or perhaps some spam.

While trying to sort out the best way to do this, I came across the realization that if the customer making the reservation doesn’t pay immediately after making the reservation, that there is then NO option for them to pay afterward.

If you look at the screen cap I provided, you’ll see that the error message is asking for a bunch of information; but that information is actually already in the form with the original registration. Essentially, it isn’t working. I even tried to move the edit form to a different page thinking a conflict was coming up when it was on the same page as the reservation form, but that isn’t the case. Even on a new page, the edit form still gives errors.