Reply To: Approved a Reservation – how do I ask for payment?


I’d love to work with you as much as I can on this plugin. I’m very quickly becoming a big fan and my client, thus far, loves it. (Even though we’ve only gotten two reservations and both were from pretty far overseas and ended up cancelled. Still, everything on our end works.)

One of the suggestions I’d like to offer is a WooCommerce module that will allow easyReservations to be plugged directly into the WooThemes product pages, thus allowing bookings and payments directly through the system. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about it on their forums and have even gone so far as to recommend your plugin on their forum. I mean, sure, it doesn’t perfectly integrate at present, however, it does nestle in perfectly within the theme and really the only present concern is that it accepts payment ‘outside’ of WooCommerce, so the reporting features in there won’t record any purchases made through your plugin. But that’s not that big an issue, as you can simply input the orders manually.