Reply To: Arrival Time and Date not in E-mail


2 more questions because I can’t get it working:
1) just to be sure I am working in the right document. Is this the right document: reservation.class.php or
2) In this document on line 949 there is this code:
949 } elseif($field[0]==”date”){
950 if(isset($field[1])) $date = date($field[1], time());
951 else $date = date(RESERVATIONS_DATE_FORMAT_SHOW, time());
$theForm=preg_replace(‘/\[‘.$fields.’]/U’, $date, $theForm);

When I change 951 in:
else $date = date(“Ymd”);
else $date = date(‘Y – m – d’);

Nothing changes in the Mail from admin after edit.
The times are still behind the arrival and departure hours.