Reply To: Automatic reservation approval not working

I checked the error log but there’s no such errors after the post payment process. The thing is automatic approval is working when i select after submit. But why is it not working after the payment. So please kindly suggest me what can be done. Since the problem is occurring after the payment process how can we find out root of the problem? Also when i put the url which u suggested in the post payment url field, it creates problem with other transactions which uses WP Ecommerce plugin. So we clearly cannot use the URL.

I tried again by enabling an option where the ogone is sending the order id, amount…. etc in the URL but still the automatic approval is not happening. Since the website is live our clients are asking to provide a solution for this. So can you please let us know if there’s any examples where they use ogone and get the automatic approval for reservations. We are really at the ending stage. So please do kindly help us solve this problem.

I even updated the plugin. But still no solution.