Reply To: Booking more than one room/unit

Okay… I may have not explained myself well. The reason that this plugin does not work for me is because I am building a site for a horse arena. They have 50 RV spots that they rent out nightly as well as 230 horse stalls that they rent out. So, if I have a group bring 2 RVs and 6 horses, they need to be able to reserve 2 RV slots and 6 horse stalls at one time. As far as I can tell, with this plugin, that is not possible. They would have to reserve 1 RV slot, then come back and reserve another RV slot, then come back and reserve 1 horse stall, etc.

I realize you can’t reserve more than one resource at a time which also hinders me. However, that isn’t even the problem that we’re talking about. The problem we’re talking about here is that people can’t even reserve 2 of the SAME resource at one time.

So, I go on vacation with my family and need two rooms to accommodate us. Is that abnormal? I just don’t feel like this plugin is able to be used by a hotel or bed and breakfast, etc.