Reply To: Booking more than one room/unit

With the option “Count of resource” you can define how often the resource can be reservated at the same time. Maybe you can use price fields to act as RV’s?

And how you would like them to reservate multiple things? It must working for all sorts of reservations, the amount of child’s and adults must be asked for each resource. With checkboxes, selections and some effects? And how to display them in admin? Seperated, together?
What’s with filters and live calculations? For 10 resources it will last more then 20sec.
I could write 20 more problems that would occour when I’m starting that.

I would need to change almost every file, and every main function for sure. That would need at least 50-100h. Now multiplie that with 10 and you see the sum that I would need to earn from the function. I cant invest any of my time for free anymore. I work exactly the hours that I’m earning.
I thought long how to implement this feature, cause I know that it would open the plugin for more people, but I’ll need to wait till anyone pays me to make it. That’s the full truth :/