Reply To: Bug on Availability Calculation


No I don’t use the Time option, I don’t need it.
I’ve just install a fresh version of the last beta of easyreservation and I got the bug.

Just follow those steps :

1/ Create a ressource with 2 objects.
2/ Set the block time to +1 day after reservation.
3/ Make 2 reservations on the First object: 1 start the 07/04 until 10/04 ( so it will block until 11/04 ) and the second reservation the 12/04 to 15/04.
(Note : At this state everything works just fine, my Second object has no reservations and is available.)
4/ Now go to settings and set the block time to +2 ou +3 days
5/ The Second object is not available anymore for the 12/04 (and 13/04 if you choose +3days block )