Reply To: Bug or not? Double booking possible?

The availability check don’t see pending reservations. Else anyone could just add several reservations to block your system. And that’s the only real diffenrce between pending and approved reservations for the system.
In the PayPal Module there’s the function for automatically approving included. That works even without using the PayPal function at all. Maybe that’s what you searching for.

Because donating:
For me it would be better if you would just purchase a module in the worth you want to donate. The donate button is in the about tab of your easyreservations settings, but it’s still linked to my private paypal account and I could get in troubles with the tax office. I don’t know if I’m really allowed to take donations. Germany has to many complicated laws to be sure for anything… If you wan’t to donate another amount I can set a module to it. Is this a problem for you? Really thanks for your helping 🙂