Reply To: Calander gone and can't add shortcodes.

Sorry for my late response. Yes – Ypu can see my work now.
As I told You the Theme is fully ajax-driven (
There was a conflict with ajax & CSS and JS don’t get loaded properly.
I tried to do this by “hard coded” method (paste all necessary css files & js in footer ), but it seems the solution is in another place/method/…. .
For all who’s have the same problem I could recommend pageview wp plugin to embed other installation of wp with easyreservations or headspace2 & edit reservation page : post/page edit => headspace2 (near custom fields) select option “choice theme for this page” & select the name of template especially designed for reservation page.
regards for all users & respect + many many thanks for Dev!
ps. I will send You soon my polish translation 🙂