Reply To: Calendar Cell Classes

Yes! It would be a great way for developers to customize the calendar even more. The better solution may be to add a css-friendly ‘slug’ of the resource price filter. So if an individual has “Holiday” pricing [css class ‘holiday’], “Weekend” pricing [css class ‘weekend’], and “Base Price” [css class ‘base-price’] established for their resource it has the ability to be styled differently. You wouldn’t necessarily need to style it differently in the default themes, but it would nice to have that ability as a developer using your plugin for a client.

Here’s what we had in mind.

My current solution [not the greatest by any means] is using jQuery to find the price within the .calendar-cell-price span after using css to display: none; the span tag. This is a workaround for the time being until I can find a better way to add the class, but I’ve noticed it only works on the page load. Once a user changes months, the new month no longer displays any classes because the jQuery function I’ve written doesn’t run.