Reply To: Calendar or Search Function ???

1. Where can I find the keys? I thought they would be the same as in the FORM BUILDER. I’m trying “Date-From” and “Date-To” but it’s not working.

I’m using

and then

I’m using a date picker to select the dates. But I cannot get it to pass the dates into the Search.

However, you told me the coupon key and when I do this, it works:

3. It’s not working like that at all.

I built a page that has the following:

[ easy_calendar resource=”175″ width=”100″ style=”1″ price=”1″ monthes=”1×1″ interval=”1″ ]

and right below it:

[ easy_search style=”1″ theme=”list” submit_button=”Search” reserve_text=”Reserve now!” width=”100″ form_url=”/reserve” resourcename=”Room” start=”1″ searchdirectly=”1″ unavail=”1″ image=”1″ img_x=”100″ img_y=”100″ price=”1″ availability=”1″ more=”1″ content=”500″ calendar=”15″ calendar_mode=”none” ]

But when I change the top, nothing happens below. And when I change the search below, the availability on top doesn’t change. is the URL.

4. I know how to change CSS, but I was wondering if there was a cheat-sheet of variables that you had available. Like form_text_color, table_row_background, etc. etc. etc. that I could refer to quickly and input into my style sheet. It would be helpful…