Reply To: Calendar or Search Function ???

1 – Got it. It just would be very helpful if you included this in your documentation. It’s something that is seriously lacking in this package – i mean no disrespect, but a table of “From” = Arrival Date “To” = Departure Date “Coupon” = Offer/Coupon Code …. that would help a lot and not have to create a form and then inspect it to see what the fields are called.

3 – Thanks. When do you think this will be done? We are trying to figure out how this is going to look and function — the rest of the site is done, we are just waiting for how to interact with the reservation portion seamlessly.

Also, I cannot get any type of availability display to show up above the search form either. Same problem? Or do I need different code? If you can provide an example of different ways to create search / availability / calendars / etc. that would be extremely helpful.

4 – understood. I’m just saying that spending a little more time creating some detailed documentation would probably help not only myself – but a lot of us and we wouldn’t have to ask so many questions 🙂 Thanks!