Reply To: Can't set discount as percent, edit filter date = Nan.Nan.Nan

1. oh! didn’t see there was a ‘Discount’ option in the Condition Mode.

2. ok, it happens in IE10 (my primary browser) but doesn’t happen in Chrome. guess I’m better off using Chrome to admin my site until you fix this nuisance, so it’s workable.

3. ok, I understand that.

4. link:
this is how it’s typed in my form:
[:en_US]Children[:es_ES]NiƱos[:end][price select Children "none:0>0;1>0;2>0-pers, one:1>0;2>13-pers, two:1>13;2>26-pers" pn]

5. (bonus question) – the form gives me an error:
This form is not valid 9/10 P.
1. Custom field name entered multiple times - must be unique. Name: :en_US, :en_US, :en_US

and yes, that’s because I’m using multiple custom text fields like so:
[custom text [:en_US]Street[:es_ES]Direccion[:end] *]
so how do I make multiple translated custom fields?

thanks for your support!