Reply To: Can't set discount as percent, edit filter date = Nan.Nan.Nan

got an extra bug.

case 1. this works:
Something[price select something “none, one, two” pn]

case 2. this also works:
Something[price radio something “none:0>0;1>0;2>0-pers, one:1>0;2>13-pers, two:1>13;2>26-pers” pn]

case 3. this however, doesn’t work:
Something[price select something “none:0>0;1>0;2>0-pers, one:1>0;2>13-pers, two:1>13;2>26-pers” pn]

the result of case 3: opening the page makes a window pop up saying ‘no name field – correct that’ (when my form clearly has the name field, and I don’t get the error using it as case 1 or 2 )
the form is indeed displayed without the name field, and without the email field as well
and then the relevant price field gets displayed as a select with two options: 0;2>13-pers:2"> one and Email