Reply To: CC info in exported Excel spread sheet?

To be honest I don’t know If I want to support that.
I needed one year of thinking and a lot of information’s to overcome myself and save credit card details in my software. For anything else in the plugin its not the end of the world if a hacker gets access to the site, but it’s my nightmare if the credit cards get stolen because I left a bug that a he used. Even if I can’t be made legally responsive.
After reading tons of information’s it’s okay for me to store them separately and encrypted in a way that they must be taken care of individually. I’ve done the best to ensure that it’s as hard as possible to acquire them and that it’s not worth the time (in regards to credit cards per hour they can get) for the commercial hacking marked.
If I build them in the export it would just need one account’s password to get all data in ten seconds. Or one bug in the exports security.
Maybe I’ll get the confidence in my security skills to build it in, but right now the function itself is the furthest point I want to go.
Regards feryaz