Reply To: Change Form for User Control Panel

I appreciate that you want to do this, but I really don’t consider this a viable strategy. It’s a brittle solution, and does not use modern programming techniques to generate semantic markup that is DRY. With this suggestion, I would have to edit the markup of every generated html form. And, if I change a value and regenerate the form, then I lose all the work, and would have to redo everything for each regenerated form.

Can you not see that this is not a great solution? The only solution is to add generation functionality within your plugin that semantically provides id selectors for each element. This should not be that hard to do. Create a function that takes the element name and use a callback to that function within the html generator. There are multiple programmatic solutions for this that do not involve convoluted solutions that require a user to repeat themselves every time they add a new element to a form. Adjusting one form element should not break another forms element.