Reply To: Change Form for User Control Panel

I really don’t want to be rude, but you are not right:

“An ID should be given to an element for one reason, if it is unique. If only one of that element type (By “type” I mean semantically meaning type, not tagname or such. For instance, there can be multiple sidebars, or headlines, but only one #mainNav or #generalWrapper).

Giving an ID to every single element you create dynamically is, by definition, wrong. Since you most likely create very similar elements, in which case, a class name is more appropriate.”

As you want this for stylesheet reasons I can say you that it get’s way more painful if you select each element on it’s own as all of them by tagname or class. It’s like ten times the work. So I really don’t understand what you want it for. There’s NO logical reason. And if you want one of the elements to look different you give that one an ID if you cant select it otherwise.
So what is it exactly what you want? (with a screenshot please) Maybe we can stop talking about adding the wrong way and I tell you the right and easy one. And I still need a working ID and email to check it on your site.