Reply To: Change Form for User Control Panel

1. What are you unable to define now?
2. If you say style is terrible what would dynamically generated IDs change? #label-1 or label:nth-child(1) is the same. And if you’re using it in another form it has a different ID due to it’s position.
3. Why do you want to select each element on it’s own? Isn’t it enough to define a style for all label elements? And the fields itself have IDs. And much more isn’t there.

And to the point terrible to style: You have complete control over the html of the form, it’s not generated as gravity does. So do with it as you please. This doesn’t count for the user control panel, but that’s not dynamic either.

Maybe you are right and the normal rules doesn’t count in a form generator (even through I wouldn’t say I’m competing with gravity forms). But I’m offering it for more then two years now and had contact with multiple thousand customers and you’re the first talking about this. So I won’t change it to something I know as a poor development method and I don’t see much use of.