Reply To: Change start date in Calendar to Sunday

Strange. I made another form and that seemed to work. Only now I can’t get the message field to show up in my email. I’ve tired the code all of the ways listed below. The phone custom field I am using in the same email shows up fine. It’s custom field 4 titled Messages and is a text area. I’ve been using this page for testing:

Message: [custom textarea Message]
Message 2: [customs Message]
Message 3: [custom id=”4″]
Message 4: [custom id=”4″ show=”title|value|amount”]
Message 5: [customs textarea message]
Message 6: [customs text Message]
Message 7: [custom text Message]
Message 8: [customs message]
Message 9: [custom id=4]
Message 10: [custom id=”4″ title=”Message”]

The form is collecting the data as I can see it in my dashboard, I just can’t seem to get it in the email. 🙁