Reply To: Check-in/Check-out times

Hello again 🙂 Quick response! Thanks!

I´ve tested it again. Reservations made from admin works fine. No double booking is allowed.
Front end reservations allows double booking. I´ve assembled some screenshots tho show what it looks like (front end and admin). I just discovered that I can´t upload the image here. If you need it I´ll be happy to email it. Just let me know.
There are no error messages or anything… It all looks normal on both ends… except for (in admin) departure (visitor1) at 12.00 (approved booking) and arrival date (visitor2) at 10.00 (pending booking) the same day. When I try to approve the booking I get “Selected resource is occupied et this time”.
Does it matter that i travel around the web using Chrome? Noo…? …and I use qTranslate in the site. That would be more likely to cause problems but would, I figure, tend to look more like error messages, mixed translations or missing content.