Reply To: choices in searchForm's fields get reset in reservation form (v 1.1.17)

I downloaded and installed beta4…but still when resForm page loads…the first price shown is always 75 (price for small villa/day)…even if more days are selected in the searchForm…

Is it only happening to me..?…

Here are the sortcodes for searchFrom and reservationForm:

[easy_search style=”1″ submit_button=”Search” width=”100%” form_url=”” start=”1″ unavail=”1″ image=”1″ img_x=”100″ img_y=”100″ price=”1″ availability=”1″ more=”0″ content=”1″ content_max=”500″ calendar=”15″ calendar_mode=”none” reserve_text=”Make Reservation”]

[easy_form style=”none” submit=”Reservation details successfully sent to Elounda Island Villas” subsubmit=”Please proceed to payment (Paypal/Credit card)” credit=”Reservation complete” subcredit=”You’ll receive an email with the reservations details” resourcename=”Villa” price=”1″ pers=”1″ multiple=”full” validate=”Your reservation details:” subvalidate=”Please check the details of your reservation(s) and submit them to proceed to payment page.”]

I will send u username and pass by mail