Reply To: Client Management

I’ve already thought about it.
The easy way would be to just order them by email (and that’s already possible by searching for it).
Or I would seperate the reservations from the clients informations in two database tables or using worpdress users.
But then there would be the problem on how to seperate the current users databases corectly. And what informations would be client side and what’s for the reservation? What’s with custom fields? In the end only name, email, country and maybe a few custom fields are client informations. The others change per reservation. And for this three informations is an own table a big ressource waste. It would be a massive source of bugs. And the time that I would need to spend is to much for the exepted income from it.
Yes autocompletition would be nice, but again ther’re not enough informations to copy to make it as cool as it seems in fantasy.