Reply To: Complicate configuration

Hello again, thank you for your answer.

I installed the beta version, its ok, except a small bag, I think, that have in the filters, Add Price and Requirents Filter, at Filter by condition, at the field Mode, they don’t accept the option “Price per day and person”.

Now, the new version, realy, they help me to configure a Room, and the conditions, per periods ( 4 periods) .
Each period have base price for 2 persons.
My problem is that the 3d and 4th person (adults or child’s) have different price, per period.

1st period (13/05/2013-01/06/2013) base price, per person 39,00 ( min.2 persons 39+39 = 78,00 , This is OK)
extra 3d person + 7,00 extra 4th person +7,00

2nt period 01/06/2013-01/07/2013 base price, per person 44,00 ( min.2 persons 44+44 = 88,00 This is OK)
extra 3d person + 10,00 extra 4th person +10,00

3nt period 01/07/2013-30/08/2013 base price, per person 46,50 ( min.2 persons 46,5+46,5 = 93,00 This is OK)
extra 3d person + 12,00 extra 4th person +12,00

4th period 01/09/2013-30/10/2013 base price, per person 43,00 ( min.2 persons 43+43 = 86,00 This is OK)
extra 3d person +4,00 extra 4th person +4,00

I tried, hours, to configure the extra persons, per period, but no success.
Im confused, I tried everything that I read at the manual, and in the forum, from other cases.
I tried field-prices, but they don’t change, the price, per period and per person, as I need.

Can you you give me an example, how can I do this?

Please, I ask you to help me desperately.

Best Regards