Reply To: Conditional field

A search form example:

I am selecting starting date, different than the default -> I want end date to change to +7 days.

I give you some example from a possible reservation form:

I have variable number of participants to a tour, let’s say up to 8 (or more)
I want to collect their name, age, profession.

For the first participant I display 3 fields: name, age, profession, but I don’t want to display a long list of fields.

If they want to reserve the tour for 4 persons, I want to appear 4 set of fields.

I can set up a checkbox which uppon click will add a new set of fields (name, age, prof.)

Or an other example:

If I have tour1 with possible starting time at 10:00 and 11:00 and tour2 at 14:00.or 15:00, then when I select tour1 I want a select field to show up with 10 and 12 , and when I select tour2 I want that select type field to show 14 and 15:00.

I can imagine other situations, too.